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NTEC Riders Travel to the Mecklenburg State Stud

Redefin, Germany

November, 2013

The Mecklenburg State Stud, Redefin, Germany

Riders from NTEC travelled to the Mecklenburg State Stud in Redefin, Germany, in November, 2013, where they participated in the German bronze and silver medal certification course. Participants included Kalie Beckers, McKenna Black, Anna Campbell, Chantal Catteeuw, Victoria Dugan, Julia Handt, Nia Kinney, Jeff Pan, and Rachel Zent.


The NTEC riders in Redefin, Germany

The main gate to the Mecklenburg State Stud

Watchful eyes from the state trainers...

Nia Kinney taking a practice jump around the course

Kalie and Anna at one of the many German castles

The dressage arena (indoors was much warmer!)

Heat lamps to keep the horses warm after their workout

Early morning on the main parade grounds of the Stud

The NTEC participants in the program.

L-R, Rear row: Rachel Zent, McKenna Black, Victoria Dugan, and Jeff Pan

L-R, Front row: Nia Kinney, Chantal Catteeuw, Kalie Beckers, Anna Campbell, and Julia Handt